City of Los Angeles
Department of Public Works
Bureau of Street Services
Building Materials

ONLINE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS If you are interested in using the online application for an Building Materials Permit , please read the instructions below. Use the "New Application" link to start the application process.

For more information please call:    
Street Services Investigation & Enforcement Division at (213) 847-6000


No. 1   
Applicants must fill in all the fields that are marked with *, Otherwise the application will not be accepted by the system.

Applicant will see a message on the screen after submitting the application form, indicating that his/her application was successfully submitted and a Reference No. is issued to that application. Please provide this reference number if you need to call our offices.

No. 2
In some cases customers will be asked to submit some attachment along with the permit form. Attachments can either be scanned and uploaded to our server as .pdf files.


Applicants can check the status of their permits online 24 hours a day. All permits that are completely processed by our staff, and approved, will be available online for applicants to print out. Applicants who provide a valid e-mail Address will be notified of any missing information in their applications and/or when the permit is fully processed.