REVISED 10/2003


Needs a Permit:
1. Overlength In excess of 65' for comb. vehicle and load
    In excess of 40' for a single vehicle
2. Overwidth In excess of 8' 6" in width
3. Overheight In excess of 14' in height
4. Overweight In excess of 40 tons in weight for Combo.
    No Permits for a load on a Single Vehicle


Needs an Inspection:
1. Overlength In excess of 110' in length or exceeds 125' w/steerable rear axles
2. Overwidth In excess of  18' in width
3. Overheight 18' or higher in height


Needs a Pilot Car or Cars (Can be truck or tractor having amber rotating beacon light):
1. Overlength In excess of 110' in length 1 pilot car required
2. Overwidth In excess of 15' in width
In excess of 12' in width
2 pilot car required
1 pilot car required
3. Overheight 18' or higher 1 pilot car required
4. Overweight 75 tons or over 1 pilot car required
5. When front overhang exceeds 25' in length
Less than 25' in length
2 pilot car required
1 pilot car required
  Maximum front overhang allowed is 32' in length  
6. When rear overhang exceeds 25' in length 1 pilot car required
  Maximum rear overhang allowed is 35' in length  


Restricted hours - 12:01 AM to 06:00 AM
1. Overlength In excess of 110' in length
2. Overwidth In excess of 15' in width
3. Overheight 18' high or higher in height
4. All Extra - legal moves in the Central Traffic District.
Boundaries = Los Angeles St., Figueroa St., Sunset Blvd, Pico Blvd.


Additional Requirements:
1. Overheight 18' high or higher in height requires five (5) days for notification to and approval by Public Utility Companies, and Street Tree Division.
2. Overweight 75 Tons or over in weight must be submitted to and approved by Bureau of Engineering / Bridge Structural.
3. No Overweight LOADS are permitted on a single vehicle. (i.e., 2 or 3 axle trucks), only permitted on Trailers.
4. No 5 or 6 axle combinations of vehicles are permitted to carry 74.5 Tons.   The maximum varies with the axle spacing, width and number of tires, but seldom exceeds 60 tons.


City of Los Angeles

Moving Permit


1. LIMIT OF AUTHORIZATION.   Valid only in the City of Los Angeles.  This permit is not valid on streets or bridges which have posted weight limits .  Failure to adhere to route listed invalidates the permit.
2. NIGHT MOVES.   Any load moved during night-time hours shall meet all requirements of State and City regulations and shall be properly lighted with warning lights and signs as may be required by law and ordinance.
3. PARKING OF VEHICLE.   Permittee shall not, during restricted hours or at any other time, stand or park the permitted vehicle on any street in violation of posted parking restrictions.   Permittee shall not park the vehicle where it creates a hazard or traffic obstruction.  If the move fails to reach its destination prior to the commencement of a restricted movement period, the operator shall, using reasonable care and precaution to prevent traffic disruption, proceed to the nearest location suitable for parking and shall remain parked for the duration of the restricted period.
4. OPERATING HOURS.   This permit is effective only within the period stated on the face of the permit.  and the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
5. PERMIT TO BE CARRIED IN VEHICLE.   This permit is valid only when the original is carried in the permittee vehicle.
6. ROUTE.   Permittee is responsible for establishing his own route, subject to approval by this Division.
7. COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAWS.   The requirements of the California Vehicle Code and any other applicable law must be complied with in all particulars except as specifically provided herein.


1. SIGNS.   Signs reading "CAUTION-LONG LOAD FOLLOWING" and "CAUTION-LONG LOAD AHEAD" in four (4 inch) minimum letters shall be displayed ahead and behind the load, respectively, if the overall length is in excess of 75 feet.  Signs shall consist of black letters on a yellow background.  The signs must be illuminated with electric lights when traveling at night unless they have been constructed of a suitable reflectorized material to be readily visible to approaching traffic.
2. PILOT CARS.   Pilot cars are required fore aft when the overall length is excess of 110 feet, unless otherwise specified on the face of the permit.  The Pilot cars shall display additional signs as set forth in "Item 1".
3. RESTRICTED HOURS.   Any load with an overload length in excess of 110 feet will be restricted to the hours of from 12:01 AM to 6:00 AM.
4. INSPECTION.   Any load with an overall length in excess of 110 feet is subject to inspection by Department of Public Works forces which must be arranged for twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled move.
5. KEEP TO RIGHT OF CENTER LINE.   The load must be kept to the right of the highway centerline at all times and must stay off shoulders except when entering or leaving the highway or when necessary to allow trailing traffic to pass on  narrow or winding roads.