Insurance Requirements       

Proof of Automobile Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 is required. All Proof of Insurance must be approved by the Office of the City Administrative Officer.

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   Online Application Requirements       

ONLINE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Before you can apply for an overload permit, you must first establish an account by submitting your insurance for approval as explained above. All companies shall submit proof of automobile liability insurance and any company operating cranes, helicopter lifts or drill rigs must also submit proof of general liability insurance.or the next permit.


No. 1
Select the type of permit that you are requesting, One-Trip, 30-Day or an Annual permit.

No. 2
Enter the number of axles on the entire combination vehicle; tractor and trailer(s).

No. 3
Complete all applicable fields in the online application form. An origin, destination and a complete route are required for all one-trip and 30-day permits. Annual permits shall have "various" as both the origin and destination and shall have "multiple" as the number of trips. For annual permits, tire sizes for the entire combination vehicle must be entered in the authorized roads section of the application.

No. 4
Select the payment method at the bottom of the application. Customers may establish a charge account with the Investigation and Enforcement Division with a $500.00 deposit or permits may be purchased online with a credit card as well as at our office by check.

No. 5
Click on the submit button to process the application. In some cases, customers will be asked to submit some attachments along with the application. Attachments can be scanned and uploaded to our server as .jpe or .gif files. All loads weighing over 125 tons will be required to complete a "Heavy Haul Record".

Applicants can check the status of the permit applications online 24 hours a day and all permits completely processed by our staff will be available online for applicants to print out.

Overload permits still can be obtained at our office located at:
Bureau of Street Services
Investigation and Enforcement Division
1149 South Broadway Street, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 3:30pm

Telephone: (213)847-6000
Fax: (213)847-6267