Overview of how to apply for a Special Event Permit:
  1. Application must be submitted 45 days before the event.
  2. Submit an online application form.
  3. Print and complete one or more of the following Petition Forms:
    (Depending on the requested area and nature of event - See "Street Closure Provisions and Application Procedures")
    Petition for Residential Areas
    Petition for Commercial Areas
    Petition for Temporary Selling Activities
  4. "Provide Proof of Insurance"
    Have your insurance broker or agent access Track4LA at http://track4la.lacity.org and follow instructions to register and submit the appropiate proof of insurance on your behalf.
  5. Print and complete the "Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement" form.
  6. Mail Completed and Signed Petition and Hold Harmless forms to:

    Street Services Investigation & Enforcement Division
    1149 South Broadway, Suite 350
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Phone: (213) 847-6000    Fax: (213) 847-6267
    Email: bss.spevents@lacity.org

  7. Estimated Fees: Cost/Fees associated with the permitting of the event will be provided once the application has been reviewed by all affected City Departments..
  8. Application received 21 days or less from the event will be assessed a penalty fee of $312.
  9. Any technical corrections to a submitted application is $100.
  10. Additional fees may be incurred.
  11. A Special Event Permit will not be issued unless all required documentation is submitted.
  12. A Final Cost of the event will be provided after the event.

    Make sure you indicate the Application Reference Number on each page.