* * * Section 6. Section 62.80 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code is hereby amended by inserting the figure $290.00 in lieu of the figure $244.00

The menu on the left hand side will enable you to do the followings:

2. Apply Permit: will take you to the permit application.
            You have to fill out all the text boxes that are required to be able to submit your information.

3. Permit Check Status: enter your permit number. If your permit is processed, you will be able to print out your permit.
            To check your permit status, enter all seven numbers at once, NO DASH!!!.
             Ex:   If your permit number is 2003-001, you enter 2003001 then press "submit."

4. Disclaimer: will take you to Bureau of Street Services Disclaimer statements.

5. Privacy/Policy: will take you to Bureau of Street Services Privacy/Policy statements.


*** It is important for you to read all the materials before fill out the permit application.